eDesign and Hosting, Inc.: Roger Roppel, Webmaster - Huntington, WV (304) 529-3808

Our mission is to help you...

As a business, church or ministry, we want to help you achieve your Internet goals. We start with an idea and custom design a Web site according to your needs. If you want to design your own Web site, we can help get it online.

We work with businesses to provide them an online presence, tell their story and share about their products and services. With a background in management and sales, we understand small business, and want to help you.

Churches and ministries, we want to help you proclaim the Gospel of our precious Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. We are prepared to help you use the Internet to teach and preach the Gospel. We have several decades of experience working with churches and various other ministries. Therefore we can help you fulfill the Great Commission.

For those who design their own Web sites, eDesign and Hosting, Inc. concentrates on the quality of our hosting and the attention to personal service. When you need us, we stand apart because you can reach us by phone or e-mail and get timely help.

Creativity, excellence and fairness keep us going as we help you tell your story, and His story through the Internet. Our customers remain with us because we are ethical, fair and honest. We treat them with the courtesy, personal service, and the respect they deserve. That would be all right with you, wouldn't it?

Need more information? Call us at 304-529-3808 (Eastern Time).